Open your beer, expand your mind

Because opening a beer that tastes great with your teeth can cause you to have less fillings, adorn your very best wall with a bottle opener from Westminster's own Handy Sam Creations. With a cast iron opener affixed to a stained oak plank, each hand-crafted piece is made unique by the cap-receptacle at the bottom, which comes in the form of rare, vintage beer cans from the '40s-'70s, many boasting stories as bizarre as the old men who drank them. For instance:

Winter Carnival Jest Fest: This beer commemorates the Twin Cities winter attraction that draws a mind-blowing/-freezing 350,000 visitors to gawk at ice sculptures/ice skaters. Enjoy impressing your thirsty guests by informing them that the celebration began in 1886, partially to spite an out-of-town reporter who called St. Paul “unfit for human habitation in the winter”.

Chuckwagon Races: Based on Handy Sam's meticulous research, this label was inspired by the tiny town of Grafton, IA (pop. 290), who, from the 1870s to the regular '70s, gathered in the streets (likely, both of them!) for horse-drawn carriage races.

Olde Frothingslosh: A "Pale Stale Ale" made by the Pittsburgh Brewing Co, the name actually began as a joke by a local DJ. Happily, it soon morphed into an actual beer featuring the buxom (if not necessarily "attractive") spokesmodel Miss Olde Frothingslosh, played by a woman named Fatima Yechbergh, which her ancestors must have also begun as a joke.