Home decor that turns it up to 11

Because "creating artful music and photography" isn't as critical as "having a place for your golf magazines to sit out and impress people", outfit your home with JT Baldwin, a Mile High husband-and-wife team who scour garage sales and thrift stores for vintage AV equipment, which they then morph into modern furnishings perfect for the artful audiophile. Some of the best include:

1. Drum Stand Tilt Top Table: With an adjustable base that allows it to work perfectly "bedside, chairside, or in front of the couch", it's topped with an actual, vintage turntable that can be tilted at any angle, 'cause, umm... your floor looks thirsty?

2. Subwoofer Pet House Table: Once a Miller & Kreisel V-2B sub, this "trapezoidal structure" has been upholstered with fleece pillows and is now primed for a dog who likes bass, so you'll have to kick Snoop out to make room for your Yorkie.

3. Camera Tripod Side Table: With telescoping wooden legs, it features the camera-holder's original ball mount and an Oneida stainless bar tray, and is thought to be from the '50s, also a solid estimate on the number of compliments you'll get for your now-elegantly displayed magazine collection.