Littleton gets loud

Acoustic versions are often just better, from Clapton's "Layla", to Nirvana's "All Apologies", despite them still not being nearly enough for inspiring the guys who started Nickelback. Ingeniously doing it for your iPhone speakers: koostik

Handcrafted entirely by a Littleton-based husband/ wife/ son team, koostik's eminently portable "natural wood amplifiers" are cut & hollowed to employ the same principles used in guitar bodies, providing a non-electrical boost to iPhone (and with the new release, iPad) speakers which'll magnify their sound by a factor of 2-3x, which's also an upcoming game show where Joe Rogan feeds cave spiders to toddlers

mini koo:

The newest "koo" on the block and about the size of a big box of matches, this gadget cuts down on the slight bulk of the original, works with all iPhones, and emits sound through a tiny "trumpet horn", aka what's done by a cocky rhinoceros

koostik for iPad:

Also brand new, this puppy channels the tablet's sound by sending it out through a "specially designed cone carved into the bottom" in portrait mode

the original:

This twin-speaker'd joint combines multiple woods in one amp (walnut, cherry, and birdseye maple), and represents the most "perfect marriage of technology and nature" since that guy on HBO wedded his latex doll in the cutest little church

And because apparently Bolivian rosewood is super-hot right now, they'll soon be using it in a limited-edition release, which should elicit another Nickelback joke, but it's probably better to just leave those dudes unplugged.