Your favorite rides from your favorite flicks

Published On 03/06/2012 Published On 03/06/2012

Bitchin' cars so often steal the movie, which is ironic considering most of said movies are about stealing the cars. Steal Buy prints celebrating some of film's sweetest rides, with Movie Car Posters.

The side project of a Mile High replica car club director, the 11"x17" posters juxtapose line drawings of iconic whips' profiles with subtle references to their respective flicks, many of which are wordless, just like you wish Paul Walker was in all his car flicks. Using a design process he calls "embarrassingly simple", some of the coolest posters include:

Cusack Camaro: Replace all your other Better Off Dead fan art with this joint cleverly teasing that kid who wanted $2 for the newspapers he delivered, totally pre-empting Wu-Tang's whole "dolla dolla bill y'all" thing.

Jack Burton Express: An homage to the best '80s trucker movie not involving arm wrestling as a metaphor for the strain of single fatherhood, this thing imposes a devilish Asian specter above Kurt Russell's Little China big rig.

Shaggin' Wagon: Keep it Colorado with a print celebrating Lloyd and Harry's furry '84 Sheepdog van and glorious orange and blue tuxes, all of which contributed to a movie which was, ironically, less dumb than most of the ones about cars.



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