Save trees from loggers and hands from paper cuts

Unless you're Hulk Hogan and talking about shirts, there are very few things in life that you rip in half and toss out as automatically as junk mail. So why not just eliminate the chore once and for all, with Paper Karma?

Realizing that unlike e-mailers, regular mailers occasionally hit you with things you're not interested in, two Microsoft dudes spent their free time designing the just-launched Paper Karma app to help you instantly unsubscribe from selected envelope-spammers, and so reduce the nearly 800 pieces of junk mail an average household gets per year.

Unshackling yourself from the paper chains is easy: just app-snap photos of anything you don't want when it comes in, then tap "unsubscribe me", and PK'll automatically remove you from said sender's list after identifying the culprit from its database of nearly 10,000 "junk-mail offenders", which, given that you've just rudely rejected junk mail, could also describe you.

As the world of Anti-Junk Mail Protection is ever-evolving, PK is also working on the ability to opt you out of mailers who have somehow escaped their database by working with an Amazon developer's tool called Automated Turk, which is no Iron Sheik, or... shirt, but would probably get ripped apart by The Hulk regardless.