Mr. Meowgi will scratch your art itch, furniture

Published On 02/24/2012 Published On 02/24/2012

Let the cat fascination dominating YouTube now dominate YouWalls with the feline-heavy, pop culture-pumped prints of Denver-born Ray Young Chu, a Metro State art grad who's attracted to cats' "intriguing look", which, considering he's never actually owned one, was probably one of "why are you in my house, watching me lick my paws?". His best stuff includes:

Cobra Kat: A murderers' row of the "devious adolescents" that picked on Daniel Kat, this 8"x10" is part of a Karate Kid homage series that includes "Mr. Meowgi" using chopsticks, and "Sweep the Tail Johnny Kat", after which a crony presumably yelled out "Get him a small, plastic grocery bag, yeah!".

Dinosnug: Because everyone knows cats evolved from dinosaurs after they evolved into birds, or something, Chu's Jurassically branched out to paint a T-Rex wearing a Snuggie, despite his tiny, functionless arms making the thing even more unnecessary than usual.

Keep Hanging in There: What happens when that famous poster cat just continues to hang in there indefinitely? Well, Chu thinks he grows a beard, grabs a walking cane, and lives on in "his eighth life", aka eight more than are possessed by people who indefinitely watch cat videos on YouTube.