Further immortalize the greatest decade ever

Despite being quite a while ago at this point, people still go absolutely nuts for the '80s -- like, who can't remember when Chief Sitting Bull surrendered at Fort Buford?! Oh, oh, the 1980s...ok, well, that decade probably saw some cool stuff too, or at least so contends SteveOramA.A zany Art Institute of Denver student, SteveO draws cartoon-style works "inspired by '80s culture" before slapping them on buyable prints, t-shirts, and phone/ laptop skins, which better be super thick if you have a Gateway. Sicker pieces include:ThEarlYears:Inspired by his frequent childhood viewing of Bob Ross, this number imagines a younger, 'fro'd-out Bob painting extra "happy trees", meaning they must've just heard about the Kindle or something.Hero In A Half Shell: Because he's ever thoughtful and probably owns a Kindle himself, Steve figures a literal teenage mutant ninja turtle would be studying to be a ninja, so he drew one.Dexterity: First debuted on a limited-edition skateboard, he admits this sketch of a hand signing has a "sexual perverted reference", though frankly, that's not a real Shocker.If you're looking to keep things slightly classier, just relax man, no one can see your computer screen he's also just dropped a slew of mildly less-wacky designs like one featuring all of Aesop's Fables bursting from a set of books, something nostalgia-seekers in the 2080s will look back on fondly.