Sweet to have, sweet to look at

If you're smart enough to have a home bar, you probably already know this, but: you need to make sure it looks great, whether you're pouring upscale crafts or the same old Schlitz. Enter: Tap Handles And Hide, "repurposed and creative" spigot-flair crafted by a self-professed beer nerd (in his Cap Hill walk-in closet) who says he got the business idea mid-conversation with his girlfriend while "totally ignoring" what she was saying

For the athletic type (basically, people who drink Schlitz Light), he's done a handle from an old Italian tennis racquet, and then there's the hard-drinkin' sport-fisherman's dream: one made from the 2ft sword nose of a 160lb swordfish, complete with enough nicks to establish that it's "been in a couple fights", so clearly it drank beer too. To go super old-school, check out the repurposed Bell canning jar (try filling it with hops or other beer-y material for an interactive feel, says boozed-up Martha Stewart), or one made from an old rotary phone that Bush may have bought already, it being a phone tap

On the off chance you don't have a Kegerator, reevaluate your priorities, but also snag his handmade can/tallboy leather holster that'll ensure you can stylishly have a beer on you at all times, and thus avoid ever getting tapped out.