Drox Designs

Earth Day's all about conservation, upcycling, sustainability, and drinking, because after all, it is still a "Day". Using upcycling to help conserve your booze, Drox Designs.The project of a UT-educated photojournalist now residing in Denison, Drox takes antique door knobs and converts them into one-of-a-kind bottle stoppers, an idea born of warm memories of the turn-of-the-century house he lived in as an urchin -- when reaching those doorknobs was an impossible dream. Just a few of the styles:Longhorn: Affixed with a black-lacquered Bevo button, this metal knob is ideal for preserving all of your Mack Brown liquor, of which you'll be consuming plenty if Kansas State puts another Rusty Nail in Texas's coffin.Rivoli: A glass knob outfitted with 16 regular Swarovskis surrounding a 12mm light-rose Rivoli, allowing you to plug Cristal with crystal, but not Crystal Bernard, as her bubbliness disappeared around the time she was reduced to starring in A Face to Kill For (TV).German Cameo: This white porcelain job's been inlaid with a 1950s West German cameo -- which means that every time you show your stopper to someone, you must say "Yo, häbsche Damen auf der ganzen Welt/Haben Sie ein seltsam Ding um Ihnen zu zeigen, so sagen alle Jungen und Mådchen". Word up! Drox also carries door knobs you can actually use as door knobs, and offers custom work, engraving anything you like, from a skull & crossbones to a yin yang -- because Earth Day is all about restoring the planet's balance, even as you lose yours.