East Mesa Design Glassware

Home pint glasses with bar logos are fine, but do little to show off your personality, except perhaps that you're more cunning than the doorman at Buffalo Wild Wings. For glassware that says something: East Mesa Designs

EMD's all-liquor lineup features hand-stenciled, cleverly simplistic designs which resist fading due to being etched via a sandblaster in Olathe (try their sweet corn!) by a part-time registered nurse -- hopefully the only nursing your beers encounter. The catalog of 60+ pint pictorials includes one showing a pig sectioned off into meat cuts (with "bacon" so marked), music designs like an amp'd up axe or an unwinding cassette tape, or a set of two with the Chinese symbols for Master and Slave that serve as a "tribute to the openminded", which is good, as their monument has been in the brainstorming/ suggestion phase for the last 50yrs. For the hard stuff, they've got everything from 3.5" 10oz rocks glasses decked with brain-devouring zombies, to a his-and-hers set of shot glasses with a normal Jolly Roger paired next to one rocking a bow in her skull, to a 12oz Old Fashioned glass adorned with the Pi symbol representing the maker's "descent into geekdom", which is also a terrifying subterranean sequel where the girls have to fend off subhumans, even though they're crack tutors

And because wine can be fun too, they've also got stemless vino glasses rocking everything from an artful octopus, to the iconic VW van, a vehicle that, just like apparently every game shown at Buffalo Wild Wings, is timeless.