Electric Coffin Supply Co.

It's difficult to make something old seem new again, especially after those dudes in Cocoon used up all the alien lifeforce in that weird glowing swimming pool. Still managing to make that happen in spite of Jack Gilford's extreme selfishness, Electric Coffin Supply Co

Posted up in the "bowels of the OK Hotel" EC's a design studio that creates lurid pulp-inspired wall adornments/ industrial home furnishings by using salvaged materials and reworking old imagery, a process reflected in their slogan "built from death", also a fairly unpopular ad campaign for a condo development on an ancient Indian burial ground. Some of EC's choicest stuff:

Loose Lips: Part of a series of multi-panel pop collages, this WWII-inspired number reads "sink ships" below a whispering couple and boasts myriad other images, like a flier with a scantily clad woman promising adult entertainment, which is weird, as most of the chicks at Dave & Busters are conservatively dressed.

High Voltage Death Box: A vinyl-wrapped print reworking the art from "Reefer Madness", which aside from warning of sin, debauchery, etc. calls, marijuana a "vicious racket" ...maybe because of the bong-o drums

Furniture by Death: Sitting options are highlighted by a chair cushioned by skate decks, and lowlighted by one surfaced with incredibly inappropriate/ reclaimed old timey cartoons warning of the savage Apache, who they claim perform human sacrifice, though when it comes to sacrificing human comfort it is anything butt.

Aside from his own artiness, the dude from EC's in league with something called the Purple Razors Art Collective, whose members include a guy behind a Minneapolis skate/snow shop, and a local artist/web designer who works on (among others) PC platforms, which those old dudes could never stand on, judging by the horrible way they treated the Antareans and their resources.