Letterpressed posters from the birthplace of TX rock

Tornadoes can cause incalculable damage, destroying everything from property to Philip Seymour Hoffman's ability to show up at indie film fests without getting pelted with batteries. Harnessing twisters for the good of rock and roll, F2 Design.

From a Texas Tech graphic-design professor, this extensive line of ltd-edition, two- and three-color, letterpressed posters provides simple but entrancing showcases for bands ranging from Robert Earl to The Mountain Goats to Modest Mouse, who totally disprove the myth that to become a rock star you have to be an arrogant turd of a mouse. Some of the finest:

Buddy Holly Music Festival: Just the glasses, eyes, and a bit of hair over a list of acts headlined by Butch Hancock and the brilliant but enigmatic Willis Alan Ramsey, the 1969 Highland Park grad who in 39 years has released one more album than Matt Stafford has functional shoulders (so, one album).

Wilco: Either the best way to get people in Athens, GA to see Jeff Tweedy is to show them the head of a square-jawed stern-looking mustachioed man, or else people in Athens will pretty much go see any band no matter what, so you might as well draw whatever poster you want.

Melvins with Big Business: This Wyoming gig print -- featuring a crowd of quarrelsome fish stick- and vegetable-shaped creatures (one of whom appears to be punching through another's head) -- was drawn by the artist's six-year old son, despite the fact that he's down with the new scene, because he's six.

The most recent work promos the Lubbock Does Dallas art & music fest, where Joe Ely was supported by bands like Tim Wheeler and Los Sonsabitches -- or, what Philip Seymour Hoffman muttered about people who accused him of selling out, as he reclined on a Mexican beach reading the script for Patch Adams.

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