Being able to fly is totally sweet, but it requires either getting a pilot's license, or listening to R. Kelly until you throw yourself out of a window and pray he was wrong. Skip the painful process/landing with a FlyNano, now for pre-sale

A decade-long project undertaken by a Finnish pilot/designer, the FlyNano's a wildly lightweight pseudo-seaplane that falls just below the legal poundage of an aircraft, reaching heights of 2mi while being operable without an actual pilot's license, making it ideal "for those who love free skies"...and are rich. With a 150lbs carbon-fiber frame that looks like an aerodynamic stapler with 15' of ribbon-like wings, the single-person sky whip has an open-air cockpit w/ a mini nose prop, and takes off/lands exclusively in water. Yeah, buoy! Engine options include a 20kW electric job that tops out at 87mph and has a range of 25mi; a 24hp gas number with max airspeed of 80mph that's capable of traveling 43mi; and a 35hp racing number maxing out at 93mph and reaching a highest altitude of 2.5mi, which doesn't require supplemental oxygen, save the air you lose shrieking in fear.

Prices begin as low as $36k, and there's an optional transport trailer avail as an add-on, presuming you didn't lose your driver's license for taking your car off a cliff when R. Kelly came on.