A Can-tastic Take on Lighters

Aluminum cans have many uses, from holding beer, to providing cash for the homeless people who so desperately need said alcohol. To discover yet another use, check out Fuego Con Queso.

From a Chi print shop owner who found himself inspired after spending time making stickers for Bics, FCQ takes lighter customization to a new level, churning out handmade aluminum flame cases crafted from old cans, though hopefully not Madonna's, since they're no longer in A League of Their Own. The completely green process (which he's streamlined to about 15min per case) starts with a cleaned 'n cut can, which is transformed through a series of origami-style folds and carefully finished to prevent any sharp edges, as that could lead to a Bloody Sunday. Brands he's tackled include usual bargain brew suspects (Old Style, Hamm's, PBR), imports like Red Stripe and Kirin, and a bevy of soft drinks such as Tab, Nehi, and Arizona Iced Tea, though considering the average age of Law and Order: SVU's audience, is it any surprise he switched locales?

He'll gladly fill custom orders for anything that's available locally, and soon plans to unveil a higher-end inside-out model that'll be colored, then laser'd to reveal the naked aluminum, a useful reminder of what the beer it holds often leads to: grabbing some cans.