Too cool for a Windows phone

Reviving an old pastime's tricky: billiards attracted new fans by showing sexy Jeannette Lee knocking down eight balls, but when Josh Hamilton tries that same move, he just attracts new bans. Livening up a senior-citizen favorite with of-the-moment e-snideness, Hipster Bingo

Just dropped by the all-ATX team behind SXSW-abetting Sched.org, this Facebook-synced iPhone game has friends competing to document the telltale signs of hipsterism all around them; the idea sprang from a developer's GF's one-off text calling out his totally stereotypical outfits, and's backed by an inescapable truth: that hipsters love "judging other people and using smartphones" (as long as they're not those actually productive Blackberrys). The app randomly generates a 5x5 card filled with thumbnail avatars of stuff embraced by the totally un-mainstream; see someone wearing/saying/doing said stuff, snap a pic, and the app auto-uploads it to Fbook, where friends can comment and compare to their own successes, like that dude they snapped with the must...oh, that's a cop. Boards are centered by a Technicolor-rainbow-unicorn "FREE" space, and filled out with usual suspects like a deep v-neck, a 16oz PBR, and skinny jeans w/ cowboy belt buckle; harder-to-find signifiers range from daring facial hairiness ("Wizard's beard"), to strange mammals like a pitbull puppy, the actual Bill Murray, and the ubiquitous "Wolf Shirt", which unlike Teen Wolf shirts, was really never in Stiles

Though the app's Jobs-only for now, the team plans to include Android and Windows 7, and'll be constantly improving gameplay and updating the bank of tiles to remove stuff that becomes "mainstream and no longer hip" -- the latter a favorite senior-citizen medical condition, and the former something Josh Hamilton must provide every six weeks.