Hipster Bingo

Breathing new life into an old activity can be exciting, until you finish dinner at 445p and realize you've still got three more hours to kill until Matlock's on Nick @ Nite. Helping an old standby kill your boredom, Hipster Bingo.

Based on the incontrovertible fact that hipsters love "judging other people and using smartphones", this Facebook-connected Jobs-Phone app encourages friends to see who can capture the most photographic evidence of rampant hipsterism, all created by an ATX developer who got the idea when his GF called out his stereotypical outfits in a one-off text, also the name of an extremely confusing, poorly worded sale at Boost Mobile.

The app randomly generates a 5x5 card packed with representations of stuff that's only mainstream among the totally un-mainstream; snap a photo of someone doing/wearing said stuff and it'll be auto-uploaded to Fbook, where your peeps can comment or compare their own shots, like the unfortunate self portrait one of "some guy" in extremely tight jeans (it's crazy that they were able to get so close!).

Boards are centered around a "FREE" space graced by a rainbow colored unicorn, and are scatted with usual ironic suspects (a deep v-neck tee, 16oz PBR, exaggerated facial hair), and more unusual options like Bill Murray, the heavily memed "Wolf Shirt", and some spurs, which'll make you look like the Man-u always wanted to be.

The app's iPhone only for now, but Android and Windows options are in the works, as are new banks of tiles that'll add new ideas and remove ones that're "no longer hip", which, in old parlance, literally means you no longer have bones connecting your spine and your legs.