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It can be hard for a ubiquitous piece of hardware to stand out, which is why it's a good thing John Wayne Bobbitt's didn't land in a field of other penises. Making sure your iPhone doesn't blend in with the crowd: JackBacks.

From a dude in Cinci who calls himself Radambomb, JB'll upgrade the back of your iPhone 4 with a laser-etched wooden replacement, though not a wooden Replacement, as just because he's as stiff as a board doesn't mean Keanu'll stay on there. First, choose between a 2mm-thick flat job or a rounded, 8mm "fat" back, then decide on your FSC-certified wood type (bamboo, maple...wallichiana), whether you want a white or black bezel edge, and if you require a spare set of screws or another battery, which is recommended, though take that advice with a grain of assault. To customize, upload a sketch of the desired design using their downloadable template, and they'll laser-etch it, seal and buff the wood using a special wax, and fit it with an Apple-standard cam lens and flash diffuser, an option that Brett Favre's phone clearly lacked.

Every finished case's delivered with a mini screwdriver, and there's a simple installation vid on the site to ensure you don't permanently damage anything, important, as if you do you're days of screwing things are over.

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