Johnston Graphics' Zombie Art

When the zombie apocalypse comes, and it will come, things're going to change: for instance, your morning jog'll become more of a slow stagger, you'll have a certain new affinity for brainy chicks, and your roommates'll get pissed at you for eating all the Pop Tarts Steve. Making light of the situation with portraits of the walking dead, Johnston Graphic's Zombie Art.JG's a collection of undead-themed artwork from a Steel City-based former tat artist and current graphic designer who's a self-professed "B-Movie/ Horror/ Sci-Fi junkie", and is spreading his own "zombie plague" via unique, super-cheap, graphic illustration-styled prints that can be sent as cards, or alternately hung on the wall in fraaaaaames. All works're printed as line drawings before being hand-colored and signed, with occasion-based selections including a holiday piece with a chick in a Santa hat and blood-covered lips sitting on a giant gift, plus a birthday card featuring an undead gal inflating a blood-stained balloon, and another toting big balloons and a bloody cake, also how to describe Katy Perry leaving a London bakery. Non-calendar-reliant pieces include "Surprise", with a sniper taking out a shambling corpse in the field, "Zombie Pin Up", featuring a well-built undead lady framed by a two-olive Martini and pair of dice, and "Zombie Palin", showcasing the former VP candidate as a braindead cadaver capable only of simple utterances and limited decisions...wait a minute!Dude's also doing vampire-themed pieces, and, if you've got the desire and a little extra coin, he'll work up a custom portrait of a zombified you, which'll be a great way for your roommates to remember you once they've handed you the zombie eviction notice: a 12 gauge.