Because you need something to complement your matching futon and bean bag chairs, check out Kult -- a locally based, carefully curated online repository of pop art (some of which is studio-official and the rest of which's totally licensed) that features a rewards program where each purchase you make puts money in your account to buy something else in the future -- so it's kind of like a frequent flier program, except black-out dates are totally up to you, and the discretion of the bartender. Among the cooler artists:Alex Ross: A Portland-via-Texas dude who has collaborated with guys at Marvel and features everything from a roundup of the different faces of Batman, to an evil-looking Wicked Witch Of The West, though be honest: are you really going to put a portrait of Janice Dickinson on your wall? Brian Rood: This guy has worked for Activision and Upper Deck (!), and's mildly to quite unmildly obsessed with Star Wars; his works include a photo-realistic Han, a longing-to-be-loved Boba Fett, and Han's buddy blasting into the sky atop a pile of Storm Troopers in "Wookie Rage", which makes sense as he really Carried the film. Joe Vaux: This guy does paintings of Family Guy characters if they were possessed by monsters (Stewie as Satan; Meg as a huge cockroach) and says he's inspired by "man's desecration of the natural world" -- so if you ever happen to be at a party with him, make sure you go into a bathroom that locks.