Liam Brazier's Device Decor

Turning a childhood pursuit into a career is typically the province of athletes, as Theo Walcott will hopefully prove when he grows up. Now professionally computerizing school-days arts & crafts: Liam Brazier.Essex illustrator Brazier creates angular & cuboidal pop-culture portraiture for iDevices and laptops (as well as for your chest), in a computer-assisted style derived from something we all know and love: cutting out coloured paper, Pritt Stick-ing it together, and hoping some hateful prat doesn't tear it right back apart. Because he was watching Star Wars when originally inspired -- and due to the near-impossibility of "conveying the subtleties of a human face" using blocks -- many designs involve that saga's masked characters: C-3PO the sole good guy, and baddies like Boba Fett, Vader, and the Tusken Raider, whose acting career might not be in the tomb if he'd had Angelina Jolie's accent coach. Superhero designs see Batman brooding over crime/life in his hideout, while more random depictions include Sam Rockwell in Moon, and a blue Nina Simone, asking that you Don't Smoke In Bed, because she was only about herself feeeeeling good. There are some non-geometric designs, notably "Why didn't Teen Wolf just shave?" -- though of course if he's anything like Theo, it was because he was tired of his teammates calling him Sweet Little Boy.