This time (and every time) it's personal

Typically, when a strange man comes into your house to assess your furniture situation, it's because you've died, and your children prefer cash to couches. Assessing your pad for more savory reasons, Edward Johnson Bespoke Furniture. A Sussex timbersmith since getting "thrown in the deep end" straight out of uni, Johnson'll check out your space, then design and handcraft a piece that's at once perfectly appropriate and "outside the box", apparently even if it is one. Some of his more creative commissions:Ed, Edd, N' EddyThis nested table triptych is made from English elm tops, with cleverly interlocking ripple-sycamore legs that allow you to swiftly create a large table surface out of a small one. The designer actually named this one after himself, though feel free to dine on it while watching the swirling vortex that is the Cartoon Network. FungiThis booze storage takes its cues from the world of mushrooms, seeming to grow out of the floor via multiple curved American cherry legs that make one "question its balance and stability" -- a piece so fine, money-obsessed women will stop questioning yours.FirestarterThis coffee table's pieced together from over a thousand blocks of "end grain form" firewood -- eleven different types including olive, walnut, maple, zebrano, and ash, which was damn near the fate of all of them. As a finishing touch, Johnson will add his own thumbprint to his handiwork in hallmarked and dated sterling silver -- providing validation which one day could serve as proof of the piece's value, so your kids can sell it for the most money possible if they turn out to be a brood of complete...assess.