Furnishings that've been walked all over

Because the best possible tribute to the Olympics is to sit down, prop your feet up, and generally do no physical activity whatsoever, designer James Henry Austin has launched Won: a project that takes old English gym floors and upcycles them into home furnishings expressly designed to "keep the excitement alive" now that the Games have gone.Each piece is hand-sanded and re-coated with a natural wax oil to stop them smelling of teen spirit. The original tape lines are left intact, and all's put together using traditional joinery techniques: much like with superstitious athletes before their big day, there are no screws, as joints are handmade from the wood itself. Every made-to-order piece comes out looking like the sturdiest thing ever created in D.T. class, from the coffee tables, to the sturdy pub-esque bench, to the coat rack. Each sports a tape line that's totally unique, and you can request specific colours -- this being England, you can expect a fair amount of gold. Hooray us!