Speakers that should be seen and heard

Things that sound good don't always have the visual appeal to match, although that can't be said about Amy Winehouse anymore, as now she actually looks like an old bluesman too. For speakers so stunning you can hear the roar of their awesome, check Richard Grant.

The 15yrs-in-the-making brainchild of said Londoner, Grant's high-performance, "cinema surround quality" sound systems come hidden in a variety of glorious, hand-finished, fully weatherproofed shells, all inspired by iconic artifacts that can boast "hundreds, if not thousands of years of approval", so...tube engineering works? The opening lineup:

War Head: Based on a female "ancestor mask" used in Ghanaian tribal rituals, this design stands on three legs, hiding the speaker underneath, proof that if ancient Ghanaian ancestors could tell you anything, it would be "aaaaaaaahhhHHHHHHHH FREAK OUT!".

Droid: These curvaceous, somewhat robotic ovoids are the product of a partnership with the folks at Wedgwood, who allowed Grant to use their historically iconic Jasperware, though given his level of style it's amazing anyone would give Mr. Carrott his own clothing line.

Italian Portraiture: Built to resemble the "detritus of the Italian Renaissance", this statuesque design -- currently being remodeled to accommodate a smaller/less expensive/more awesome drive unit -- was inspired by a partial bust of Roman emperor Lucius Verus, so beloved when he died that he was worshiped as a god, even though he had just irrefutably proven he wasn't one. Be on the lookout for another 10 or so new designs in the coming month, from an Egyptian scarab, to a fossilized nautilus shell, to a gothic lion head, all of which'll be sold individually to allow folks to "purposefully mismatch", meaning when it comes to speakers, you'll never go Back to Black.