Watch parts of pop culture make sweet, sweet love

Pop-culture postmodernism is really just the playing out of childhood fantasies, where different characters get to play with each other unbound by the strictures of reality, and you're still not getting laid. Pairing up new pop-culture friends via prints: RYCA. East-Londoner RYCA (real name Ryan Callanan) revels in pop culture pastiche inspired by the street art he'd wistfully gaze at while working the single most frustrating job in the universe: painting signs outside pubs. Just a few of his mutant offspring: Ghostbuster AP's: Recklessly crossing the streams of '80s videogames and movies, this number sees Murray & co preparing to bag a giant glow-in-the-dark Pac-Man ghost, harking back to a time before Dan Aykroyd ate everything in his path.Forbidden Fruit: The classic poster image from Forbidden Planet now has Robby the Robot carrying the iconic banana emblazoning Andy Warhol's Velvet Underground album, instead of the Heroin. The Last Crusade: Rejiggering the hallowed photo of Bobby Moore hoisting the World Cup in '66 (using real gold leaf for the statuette), RYCA casts the players as medieval knights on a crusade -- sadly representing the most likely part of this picture to actually ever happen again.A few other prints follow a slightly less blended route (a hand-spraypainted Biggie Smalls, etc.), and there's also some non-wall stuff, like the "Reservoir Troopers" tee placing stormtrooper helmets on Tarantino's diamond thieves -- an extraordinarily cool shirt that sadly might still have ladies saying "You are not the droid I'm looking for".