A tinier way to boss around your gadgets

Even as technology has gotten smaller, our fast-food-fed fingers have gotten fatter, a catch-22 that totally skjdfaklsdj. Enjoy the benefits of the former while circumventing the issues of the latter with the iTablet Thumb Keyboard, now shipping.

From a British tech firm, this wireless thumb-tapper keeps itself svelte, yet easy to use, via a brilliantly simple innovation: niftily flipping its clickable touchpad to the underside, allowing you to hold it gamepad style, or prop it up like a regular keyboard, and still easily finger that mouse. Backlit for furtively typing in the dark, the UK or US QWERTY keyboard also boasts a nifty pair of quick-toggle shoulder buttons that double (and sometimes triple) the uses of each key, so, very much like Simon post-Garfunkel, it uses half the space to do the same job. Connectivity-wise, it'll Bluetooth to virtually any system: PCs, smartphones, tablets (iPads and the company's own iTablet), game consoles like PS3s and Xbox 360s, and living room boxes like Google TV, for which it provides a revolutionarily convenient way to type "can I watch p*rn on this thing!?"

The company plans to launch a few more popular layouts later in the year, including Dvorak, a system that makes it even more convenient to type, as your fingers have less distance to travel, making them fatter still. Oh, that presents quite a cojskdlfjd!!!