These'll really tie the room together, dude

Being obsessed over a film can actually inform your life in a positive way, though Fred Goodwin probably watched The Dark Knight a little too much. Harnessing their obsession into something less destructive: Visual Etiquette.

VE is from a trio of Brit lads whose love of Lebowski compelled them to bring their talents of art direction, design, and photography together to honour the Dude -- along with other pop culture faves -- in the form of handsome prints driven by snappy typography, cool minimalism, "and whiskey", which surely helps distill things to their essence. Fully half of the output is dedicated to quotes from The Big L, such as a nihilistic pair of scissors ("Ve cut off your chonson"), Donny's entire eulogy contained in an urn, a smashed headlight ("You see what happens Larry?"), and a photo of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov framed by "I am the walrus", as the man did do slightly more than imagine no possessions. Branching out, there's a pair of Arrested Development faves ("I've made a huge mistake"/"There's always money in the banana stand"), an Anchorman twosome including a lamp made from the phrase "I love lamp", and Marcellus Wallace's plaster from Pulp Fiction, which actually does kind of make him look like a b**ch.

Because pop culture sometimes includes pop, they've also slapped together a wavy Walkmen print for "Angela Surf City", and a pair of PJ Harveys, notably a fractured "Let England Shake", which, unfortunately for Fred Goodwin, it did.