Pencil in your walls for an upgrade

Published On 04/12/2012 Published On 04/12/2012

Remember when pencils used 2B more popular than computers? London's Von does, which is why he puts together the vast majority of his beautifully monochromatic work using just graphite, maintaining originality by avoiding "staring at anything too fantastic, and copying it by accident", so looks like the Mr. Fox people are out his tenner.

Awash in realistic detail while managing to retain an aura of surreality, his prints span Hunter S. Thompson portraiture seemingly made from a haze of smoke, Alfred Hitchcock being blended with bird wings, and a minimalist Teen Wolf poster (a fantastic Fox he can stare at?).

A wealth of musical offerings include a young Elvis with name embedded in his quiff, John Lennon represented solely by the eyes within his iconic glasses, a colourful lightning bolt standing as proxy for Bowie, and a stoic Joe Strummer blended into a seascape, seamlessly, without clashing.

Animalize like a young Joe Elliot with birds caught mid-flight, a majestically maned lion, or a horse seemingly in possession of only half his head, something you won't want 2B copying by accident.



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