Decorate your walls, without having to rob banks with Jeremy Renner

When it comes to art, experts say to buy what you like, but really, how many variations are there on the theme "Calvin Peeing"? Well, find out by hitting up the Artist Spot. Artist Spot's a just-launched, carefully curated online repository of affordable fine-art prints/canvases by up-and-coming artists painstakingly broken down and cross-referenced by price, size, color, medium, and artist, all started by an LA-based former TV guy who was inspired one night after leaving the Downtown Art Walk, though it's scary to think that with just one wrong turn, he'd have presumably started a curated online repository of vagabond tent-communities. Among the categories you can shop:Los Angeles: Art in and inspired by our city, w/ options including Marilyn Monroe canvas-wrapped collages, a three-pronged Malibu hike photo set called "Indigenous Indians", and a classic Hipstagram-esque pic of the Hollywood Bowl, which, when Phish plays there this summer, will no doubt be filled with many, many more. Animals: Surprisingly not just sexy oil works of everyone's favorite Muppet drummer, they've got everything from an intensely detailed painting of a vulture w/ a rabbit off in the distance, to an abstract, mountain goat-featuring number, to an elephant stomping out a mixture of psychedelic colors. Architecture: These not-actual puppies include photos of the skylines of Boston and San Fran, as well as a Kafka-esque drawing of a drifter, and a sweet, colorful pic of the Tokyo Tower, no longer just the name of a dish at EVERY SUSHI RESTAURANT EVER.The site updates every week with a new artist, features interviews, and also donates a portion of its proceeds to charity, so even if you end up not loving the piece, at least, unlike Calvin, you're not just pissing into the wind.