Ryu're gonna love this

For most of this month, the lauded pop-culture collective iam8bit's paying homage to the best old-school video game series that didn't have characters named Mario, Sonic, or Bart with 25 Years of Street Fighter. This massive Echo Park art exhibit'll kick off w/ a grand-opening, open-bar party tomorrow featuring all sorts of Fighter-y goodness, including giant photo backdrops of real Street Fighter stages, a pop-up store with tees and action figures, and A 5FT PINATA CONSTRUCTED TO LOOK EXACTLY LIKE THE BONUS ROUND SEDAN THAT YOU WILL PUNCH WITH GIANT INFLATABLE FISTS. Yes -- giant inflatable fists.To further entice you, here's a gallery of a bunch of the art that'll be on display, including Dhalsim repping a circus sideshow, Chun-Li war propaganda-ing, and a pixelated E. Honda playing by himself, which always made that Simpsons game impossible to beat.