Fresh drops from the Euro-design pop-up

Proving that popups aren't just the exclusive territory of Juan Uribe, the cheeky European home-stuffs purveyor, Sleek Identity, has appeared yet again on Abbot Kinney, bringing across-the-pond newness so fresh, Will Smith's Bel Air cabbie is planning to sue it for copyright infringement. Some of the designs you immediately need to purchase with cashier's checks include:

Stubborn Goat Bookend: From a German design team in Offenbach, this powder-coated mountain goat steel piece classily holds up your tomes so you can show the world that, though you may not read them, you do occasionally buy Jonathan Franzen novels.

Start a Revolution Car-Burning Candle: This French-made candle gives you the Rage Against The Machine-esque catharsis of lighting a car on fire, without having to move to Vancouver and call dollars "loonies".

BasketBin: Do you enjoy throwing away trash? Do you have an OCD personality that other people find alarming? Well, this award-winning garbage can is all you, and includes two separate parts: a white, slatted main compartment for dry trash, and a smaller, attached, lidded piece 'o plastic for the wet stuff, aka what happens when a New Kids concert takes place in the rain

Office Brush: Sure it may look like something you groom your Yorkie-doodle with, but this organic-bristled brush is actually intended to hold office supplies by just sticking 'em in, something Mattingly should probably never do with Uribe.