Because Boogey Man-themed art shows are frankly a little passe, head to Long Beach this weekend for the Zombie Art Show: a wine bar-having, carefully curated, 1500sqft ode to braaaaaaaains...and paaaaaaint...and plaaaasasssssteeerrr oooofff Paaarisssss!!! And in case your mom is still dragging you to the Boogey Man thing, prints will be available online.

Allow these mixed-media displays to eat your brains:

1. A nude dead chick covered with arrows wearing only what appears to be a speared party hat, titled "Target Practice on Wild Buffalo Trail", which is NOT the type of behavior you'd expect from The City of Good Neighbors.

2. "Undead Fantasy" is a scribbled-on faux film poster including the phrases "The Dead Will Walk The Earth," "No Soul", and "The Night Belongs To Me", but thankfully not "The M. Night Belongs to Me", because then you would've already known that Bruce Willis has been dead the whole time while living in a village that's actually in a modern day wildlife preserve where aliens are allergic to water.

3. Despite "Zombie Apopalypse" featuring a black-eyed undead screaming through a white frame caked with blood, the really disturbing thing about this pic is that the poor fella has chipped teeth, and will most likely require caps costing thousands of dollars not commonly covered by dental insurance.