Your new apartment is right here

Just now launching in LA after successful rollouts in other places across the country you totally don't care about, Lovely's a pretty ingenious apartment-hunting site that aggregates real-time content from Craigslist and elsewhere, and puts it in an easy-to-use Gmap, also what 50 Cent uses to find his homies (holla!).The whole thing's unbelievably simple and sexily laid out: put in the section of town where you want to live (Arcadia!!) and it'll plot out listings that are popup-able w/ photos and more info, including the number of days a post's been up, aka its "Freshness" -- so... expect Bel Air to be 365. The whole site's got loads of search options (from price to # of bathrooms), and once you find a spot you dig, you can even send an impressively pre-written email to a landlord directly through the website, as nobody rents to someone with an EarthLink Pro account.Oh, and if you register on the site, you can also get an email every time a new listing that matches your criteria comes up, though that may not be very helpful if your sole requirement is that it's "Somewhere In Da Club".