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Way uglier than your yearbook

Los Angeles

Surprisingly not former Williams offensive lineman Hayden Lynch's Nobles & Greenough hardcover time capsule, Meathead's Yearbook is an aggressively ambitious collection of caricature-style celebrity portraits, drawn and posted one each day with the goal to have a different celeb 365 days of the year, also what Brandon Davis nearly achieved in 2007. Among the best:

January 25th: An extra-smiley Gwyneth Paltrow gets eaten alive by the words "Hey Look at Me I'm A Country Star", marking the first time the words "Gwyneth Patrow" and "eaten" have appeared in the same sentence since Shallow Hal -- what's that? That was a fat suit? Ok, so... ever.

April 26th: Pat Sajak's bug-eyed and Alfred E. Neuman'd, and flanked by the Wheel Of Fortune, one of the slots of which is now occupied by the word "Kill", which you'd totally do... for a newwww dinette set!!!

June 16th: Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz's face is all melty, his hair's all dready, his neck's all bulgy, and his shirt reads "Poser", so wait, is this a photograph?

Aug 16th: Clearly, this picture of L. Ron Hubbard is REDACTED. SCIENTOLOGY IS USEFUL AND INFORMATIVE.

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