Kind of the best artistic nostalgia ever

Because the world has long missed the creative agility inherent in names like Doughy Chloe and Hurt Curt, head to Gallery1988 starting on Friday for their Garbage Pail Kids show, with over 100 artists both coming up with their own gross-out cards and reinterpreting classics, though they better not touch the electric wordplay behind Potty Scotty. Among the offerings

Tommy Gun: The collage artist inserted an image of the GPK into a key scene in Bonnie and Clyde, w/ the 'Pail Kid subbing in for Warren Beatty, who presumably used the small break in shooting to have sex with over 1126 women.

Zack Unzipped: A more realistic take on a classic card shows a boy in red overalls unzipping his face to uncover a skull in the middle of a rose, with more roses for its eyes. So maybe don't get this one for your nephew's bedroom.

Modern Art: This shows a stenciled Banksy-esque bald kid holding a spray can, from a dude best known for sci-fi movie posters, but thankfully not sci-fi movie posers, who actually believe Ewoks can defeat an entire Stormtrooper battalion armed only with slingshots, logs, and cuddly adorableness

The opening party's got a free collab tee with The Hundreds for the first 50 people in the door, and on Saturday they're sponsoring a screening of the Garbage Pail Kids Movie at the Silent Movie Theater, which is a great place to take Deaf Geoff.