Proving the dead <em>are</em> useful

Keeping your kitchen well-equipped is crucial to ensuring you've got a happy home, whether it's with the right light switch covers, or the fancy silverwa...BRAAAAAAAAINNNNS!!! Ensure zombies will be content in yours even before they swallow your face, with Put The Dead To Work, from Odd Art Fabrications

OAF's a Santa Clarita shop dedicated to making "just about anything" (which translates mostly into niche TV/movie props) that's just released their first available-to-the-public line, consisting entirely of useful kitchen tools revolving around the theme of zombies -- so, like everyone else in the world, they're clearly huge Cranberries fans. The entire collection's hand-painted/constructed with options like a wine stopper with a disemboweled hand emerging from the cork, a pair of door stoppers (one with the undead crawling and the other with him sitting up), and a 10-piece set of refrigerator magnets that, when fully assembled, make one of the dead come to life, so he better be f***ing Grateful. They also do custom stuff, prime examples of which include nutso pieces like a Wizard-based arcade machine (playable at Sherman Oaks' Castle Park), a giant Seth Rogen head for Jimmy Kimmel, and a custom bobblehead for a guy named Maxx, who clearly just wanted a Roomier Head.

Right now, the zombie wares're available only through the online store of their next-door neighbors Neatoshop, though they plan on starting their own store very soon, wherSHOOT HIM IN THE HEAD OH MY GOD THEY'RE SO FASarggggghhh.....(scene).