The streets are watching... you use their signs as furniture

For the most part, road signs are made to be ignored at your own peril, whether they're for "Yield" or "Caution" or "Stopping for Jeremy London while he begs you to drive around and find crack then tell his family you kidnapped him is strictly prohibited". Now giving you a chance to sit on them as well, Road Sign Furniture

RSF's dedicated to dressing up abandoned road directives (that he didn't get illegally...allegedly) and making them into working pieces of furniture, all from a dude who recently moved to LA from Austin, who called his abandonment of the city "stone cold." Of course, everything's one-of-a-kind, which means inventory moving right now includes a table made of a totally bent directional arrow, an it's-safe-to-cross-the-street number he calls the "Pedestrian Table", and a chair that reads "No Dumping Allowed" (Ha! But seriously...don't, gross). There's also a large table made from a Yield, w/ other examples including a long shelving unit made from what appears to be a sign designating tunnel height, and a two-story number made from a sign for Loose Gravel, though anyone who saw the former Alaskan senator in the '08 Democratic Presidential debates could already see that.

And if those don't tempt you to throw a Caution sign into the wind, perhaps you'd enjoy one made into a desk/kitchen chair that reads Ice Ahead Caution, a safety heads-up that'd be especially helpful when traveling to London.