The art blog crew gives you a place to hang

Because Miami artists need a place to call their own that isn't their mom's futon, there's Yo Space, the just-opened brainchild of the heads behind art-centric blog Yo Miami, who wanted to physically connect 305 creatives by building "a community of sorts" in which they can work, play, and exhibit 24/7, also an upcoming HBO show in which the rapper talks nonstop about how great it was when he actually had a show. The deal

  • The graffiti-lined warehouse is home to seven separate studios that’re rentable by the day/ week/ month/ year, plus a communal loft equipped with hookahs and ping pong tables, which should serve to increase their net profits.
  • Renters'll get first dibs on attending Yo Miami-sponsored art openings, also referred to as their “Yoladex”, which’s way cooler than a Rolodex, unless it’s one that holds actual Rolos in lieu of phone numbers.
  • Artists'll also be able to set up a gallery (separate from their workspace) to showcase works, and sell their prints in Space’s store, which previously only peddled stuff like asteroid belts and planetary rings.
  • It's mostly BYOS (Bring Your Own Supplies), but a neighboring woodshop will also cut deals (hey now!) on things like stretcher bars for canvases, plus provide free scrap materials like plywood and vintage furniture, as long as you use it for art, and not as a new place you call "where I sleep, now that Mom eBayed the crap out of my beanbag chair."

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