Makoman Industries

If your current coffee table is attached to a shark, you may now stop reading. If it's not, please continue, then immediately buy something from Makoman, a South Florida-based online shop that's attaching artistic yet kinda lifelike versions of Jaws to everything you could ever want in or around your house. The standouts:Monster Chair: This gigantic lounger is outfitted in black leather with two equally-as-black, open-mouthed sharks as the arm rests, and was designed specifically for "a pro athlete or someone with a large stature", so basically, not Shavlik Randolph. Mailbox: "The check's in the mail. Oh, you never got it? Maybe that's because my friggin' shark mailbox ate it before the mailman could pick it up." Not a lot they can say about that one.Tables: Whether it's a coffee job anchored by two Siamese twin-looking great whites, or an end table with the head of an orange, razor-toothed killing machine, these are basically the coolest end tables that anyone ever Shaw.

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