Way better than clocks that don't play Seven Mary Three

Published On 01/23/2012 Published On 01/23/2012

Since that Walkman dock made out of a LaserDisc player you’ve been developing might be a little outdated by now, get your hands on some slightly more sensible amplifiers from Mr. E Regal, an electrician who repurposes badass old-school AM/FM radios (and also makes his own vintagey speakers) that’ll pump out all the Gin Blossoms you can handle after you simply plug in your Zune. Oh, they also work on “eye-pods”.

The two categories for these bad boys:

Handmade Wooden Speakers: While they have an old-school feel, Regal creates these from scratch out of a wood housing with cool horizontal or diagonal slats, throwback knobs, and modern speaker guts, also a game show in which John Boehner just sits at the bottom of the Aggro Crag and cries.

Radios: Regal also throws up-to-date circuitry and speakers in seriously classic clock radios he’s sourced through a variety of means, including prime examples from General Electric, Zenith, and Traveler, or what people call you once they see your Walkman and realize that you are truly a man on the go!



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