Making the masses anything but faceless

From time immemorial, great men have immortalized themselves in portraits, from Napoleon, to the Founding Fathers, to random old farmers and their busted wives. Making you look at least as good as that chick: Sketchy Miami.

Captained by the dudes behind culture blog Beached Miami, Sketchy's totally realistic goal is to use professional artists to "create a portrait of every person in Miami", which they claim will "forge a bond of trust as no other art form could", even though that one you co-signed with Garfunkel saying you'd tell each other all your secrets forever and ever comes pretty close. To get Sketched, submit your name and a photo, as well as any additional info you're cool sharing with blog readers (penis joke!!), and your visage'll be up for grabs for one of 30+ participating local artists to recreate as they see fit, with previous works ranging from simple line sketches, to cartoon-y renderings, to super-realistic jobs, and often adding fun stuff like mustaches and even dino-crocs, proving that dinosaurs actually went extinct from embarrassment. Unlike dino-crocs, finished Sketchys live on the site forever and link back to the photo that inspired the work, plus they double as a mini-portfolio for the artist by connecting to a page with a bio and all their renderings, so just pray they don't render too much of your fat.

Sketchy also enforces a strict no-self-portrait policy, mostly to further the site's mission of creating that special "bond", which can hopefully can be as strong as that between a man and his wife pitchfork.