This place is loaded with tools

Published On 05/10/2012 Published On 05/10/2012

Remember shop class? Of course not, because you went to public school, so you don't have a good memory. But just trust that it was awesome and you want to relive it, x10, at The Mill. This new 6000sqft Northeast creation station gives members access to an ever-expanding array of equipment (from full woodworking & metal setups, to laser cutters & 3D printers) and the instruction needed to use it. What they can't provide is the creativity to think up worthwhile projects for you, so go ahead and let these ideas spur your juices: Construct a Basic Robot, which should at least curry some favor with our future cybernetic overlords: You'll need to take their Arduino class (where you'll learn to make a single-board microcontroller to program/operate your bot), then use a combo of their laser and plasma cutters to slice small and large parts, respectively, before finally employing their vinyl cutter "to add wicked flame decals". Forge a Trebuchet to fling objects (safely!) at enemies/frenemies: After getting advice from a staffer who's "a bit of an expert in building siege engines", you'll need to make full use of the wood shop, with a heavy emphasis on something called a "router". Build the Soap Box Derby Car you've always dreamed of, and at least be able to kill some time before those robots become self-aware: You'll need to master their welding rig for this one, then hit that router again when fabricating the chassis, and finally, cut out your frame with the nightmare-inducing table saw, which you're sure you have some memory of, if you could just put your finger on it.