MSP-style de-cluttering

Published On 10/11/2011 Published On 10/11/2011

Do you ever walk into an Urban Outfitters, look at the sets and stages housing their mannequins, and think "I would love to buy some furniture from the guy who used to build those"? Of course you don't, because players only shop at Herberger's, but now you can have said furniture anyway, thanks to Gomez Whitney.

Dedicated to creating beautiful places to rest the "things we like", Mpls's own Whitney got his start creating beautiful places to rest the things hip kids who wear denim shirts like, but now focuses on his own line of modern, wood-mostly home furnishings. Some of his best pieces include:

K Chair: This angular number employs birch laminated tubes and an upholstered sling, and Gomez built it after being inspired by Yngve Ekstrom...presumably to name his chair something that people could pronounce, like "K".

Put The Needle On The Record: Considering the potential for splinters, this Baltic birch plywood table is perfect for the aspiring DJ who also doesn't mind putting the needle on himself.

Audio Video Shelf: Available in a variety of stains, these simple-but-deadly floating shelves discretely hide the tangle of A/V wires within, because, just like if you don't shop like a boss at Herberger's, no one's interested in your input.



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