The ultimate homebrewing cheat sheet

Published On 06/09/2011 Published On 06/09/2011

Because starting homebrewing can be a daunting prospect -- especially without the liquid courage only finishing homebrewing would provide -- check out iBrewMaster: a mobile app (built off the sudsy recipes and knowledge of St. Paul's Northern Brewer) that will help even novices manage the entire process, and was born from one homebrewer's desire for a truly "full-featured tool", despite Anthony Weiner's emphatic warnings. Get concocting thusly:

Choose Your Brew Create, edit, and manage recipes from scratch, pick from 50 pre-installed ones (there are 300 more available to buy), or co-opt shared brews from other users, all of which bolsters iBM's claim that there's "something for all types of brewers", be they extract, partial mash, or Robin Yount -- though judging by his 'stache, that'd just be Old Style.

Brew Your Brew Recipe chosen, iBrew'll provide you a list of ingredients, set the number of days your mix should remain in each stage, schedule a calendar accordingly, and then provide status updates about your batches throughout, lest you miss out on knowing that your malt is "with the girliesss in Cabooo. Missing my luvs back home thooo ;)".

Cherish Your Brew Because previous steps will have ensured your beer is super tasty and thus will shortly be very gone, archive pre-guzzle (with pics!), and the app will allow you to email and print the batch's specs, and even auto-post brewing schedules and deets to Facebook and Twitter.

Since technically you also need physical equipment to get started, iBM comes stocked with a database of nationwide suppliers hawking everything from fermentation locks, to hydrometers, to something called a "blowoff hose," not be confused with Weiner's regrettable inability to blow off hos.



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