Cheap art that has nothing to do with flaming poo

Haute Crap's a brand-new, retro-styled line of art-things that's now stuffed on the shelves at SoMi designery Aesthetic Apparatus, and could be described as "cute", except that you'd then find yourself stuffed in a locker at SoMi designery Aesthetic Apparatus. Basically, it's cheap, cool art with a wholly geometric, generally wholesome, cartoonish aesthetic that somehow still feels vaguely masculine, and encompasses

Prints: Hand-screened and priced from $10-$30, the clean-lined, two- and three-color joints include a series of bright, carnival-esque animal faces ("Tiger!", "Hare!"), or gastronomic goodness like an overflowing brewski, a well-syrup'd stack of pancakes, and a simplified rendering of deviled eggs, the breakfast of Dark Lord Beelzebub (...The Dark Lord Beelzebub loves mayo. Who knew?!)

"More"!: From pint glasses & coasters repping the imaginary/ awesome land of "Nice Beer Lake", to screen-printed paper lanterns, to grocery bags made from post-consumer plastic like the "OK! Bag," the shelves are stocked with tons of random stuff for which you'll now notice an a-cute need.