Folksy fare and motorcycle repair

From a robustly bearded jack-of-all-trades just as likely to be wrenching on a motor as making poster art, Steady Print Shop's a folksy op based in Northeast's "industrial badlands", where they'll even fix your hog for "$80/hour plus parts... no horses**t", horses**t presumably being too expensive to import from the Honda factory. Assuming your hog's currently flawless, just enjoy buyable prints like:

1964: This four-color screen of a farm dog, head out the window, is a run of 25, and was originally a submission for The Pet Project poster show Bark At Art, so the winners were presumably just paintings of postal employees.

Death Letter Blues: This sullen number's his interpretation of a song by Son House, a legendary performer of 1930s Delta blues, presumably a genre lamenting how much their fares sucked even back then.

Piss & Vinegar: This three-color joint features cig butts dancing around bottles labeled "Piss" and "Vinegar", which's something you want in your motorcycle repairman, if not your motorcycle.