Make your home less homely

Published On 10/18/2011 Published On 10/18/2011

What do you get when an architect and a writer marry and team up? A house with perfect lines! Lol, but actually, you get something cool: Oh Dier, a St. Paul-based design team who craft zany screen-prints, wood-cuttings, and other "objects to prettify your world", a quote which certainly explains why the writer half of the team isn't too busy with assignments! Check this stuff out:

Prints: Done up with archival inks, signed, and dated, the playful posters include the droid-y "Don't Tase Me Bro", "Too Legit To Quit" (spelled out in sign language), and two bikes getting jiggy in "Bike Love", also an upcoming mini-series where Bill Paxton's Schwinn yells at him for spending more time on top of his Mongoose.

Silhouettes: Any one of these hand-shaped, hand-painted cut-outs -- which include "cartoon bomb", "grenade", and "deer" -- can be wall-mounted or "lean by itself", also a huge milestone for James Dean's baby.

Recycled Wooden Signs: Get the word or expression of your choice in a variety of scripts, colors, and sizes, or just cop existing stuff like "bananas", "for like ever", and "shut the front door", aka what you hear in a house with clean lines.