A beer shop, minus the beer

Beer gear here! Opened by the guys behind mug-gazine The Growler, St. Paul's Beer Dabbler Store sort of does for drinking what a bait & tackle store does for fishing: they don't sell actual beer (= fish), but rather all the little extras that'll make your session more enjoyable. Besides the standard shirts, hats, and steins from breweries like Surly & Fulton, they're stocking brew-a-brack like

Beer Holsters: Constructed outta untanned cowhide, you wear 'em on your side like a Wild West six shooter, which's still no excuse to actually drink a Colt 45

Beard Heads: These knit caps extend down around the face with a fake beard. What do they have to do with beer? Ask a sober person to put one on and see

Six Pack Bike Strap: This nylon strap is pretty self-explanatory, even to someone who's just used it down a sixer

Hand-Blown Glass Taphandles: These artisanal beauts are MN-made by a saloon owner. Though if you're in the market for a home tap-handle, your life's probably pretty enjoyable already.