Bradford Woodworking

Using something in ways not intended is a hallmark of creativity. It can also be the cause of those most embarrassing ER visits. Utilizing farm tools for creative outlets not involving months of inadvertent celibacy: Bradford Woodworking.BW's a Worcester-based husband/ wife team repurposing discarded tools he became all too familiar with while growing up on a farm, utilizing their oft-overlooked aspects like the stable curve of an axe handle or the flexibility of a pitchfork to produce furniture that "has not been seen before, but retains some familiarity", also what Chris Christie says about his own junk. Highlights: Pitchfork BenchThese group-seating jawns have contoured cherry bottoms supported by ash axe handle legs and're available with optional sidearms, a la popular Hindu gods.Tractor Seat StoolThis counter-height handle-legged sitter's topped by a contoured tractor seat reproduced in a Lancaster foundry, highlighting a line of seating that includes table- and bar-height fork-backed chairs and the tapered Plain & Simple Stool, which can also be found in most outhouses.Pedestal TableA made-to-order cherry top is supported by an ash post and gets a base made from a metal disk that was formerly a plow blade, which is something pretty much all vampire chicks want to do.Because all work and no play sucks, BW's also doing a croquet set, with lathed and handpainted turning stakes and handmade maple-headed mallets -- an opportunity to knock your balls around the yard without ending up wearing a paper dress with no back.