Rest your booze on boozy coasters

Published On 01/24/2012 Published On 01/24/2012

Not where Ron Burgundy's dog goes when he gets tired of your incessant Anchorman quotes, Baxter's Workshop is a coaster-making outfit from a Kentucky couple who like to "be creative" during the brief periods they spend together while she finishes school, reflecting the fact that his mother "taught [her] how to love"... polymer clay! And, in no way related to his brother being a Div-I pole vaulter with a metal stamp studio, all of his coasters are made by wrapping two pieces of 1/8” glass in copper foil tape and soldering 'em at the corners to keep the tape from peeling, and applying rubber bumpers to the underside to prevent sliding or scratching. The stock:

Booze: The brown is repped by labels as large as Maker's Mark, Knob Creek, and Jim Beam (Choice and Black), and as you're-keeping-them-in-business as Heaven Hill, Old Crow, and Bourbon de Luxe, shockingly not a 1980s American sedan.

Beer: Chasing the hard hooch're sets of vintage red Budweiser labels, plus a Yankees Stadium 75th Anniversary edition joint, as well as Sierra Nevada, Hofbrauhaus, and Ballard Bitter. There's also one sporting "Smooth Character" Joe Camel, which, in spite of not being a beer, will ensure that even after pounding a bunch you won't be the only dicknose in the room.

Bands: And because nothing goes with beer & booze like rock stars, there are two album covers broken up into sets -- a four-piece split of Eddie Money's eponymous 1977 debut, and a nine-piece breakdown of the Rolling Stones' Dirty Work, something that most people are thinking of when talking about being creative with their long-distance relationships.



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