Track your drinking deets

Knowing how many drinks you've had is a good thing, though counting all the way to a bajillion is pretty hard. Especially after a bajillion drinks! To have a machine help you track your awesomeness, check out BeerStat

From a crew of Polish boozehounds, the BS app records your tippling habits and's optimized to either warn you when you've overstepped your self imposed limits, or alternately, help you brag about not having any. Flesh out a profile, plug in any optional limits you may wish to impose concerning the amount of brew you chug (or how much you spend on it), then log all of the suds you crack using your phone, which is perfect, as nobody's ever lost one of those while drinking. Hit the Stats tab for smartass figures on your consumption relative to your weight; the amount of $ spent as a % of your salary; your most-drank brand; grams of pure alcohol consumed (plus the % of lethal dosage it represents); and calories consumed, conveniently translated into the amount of time you'd have to spend either running or having sex to burn it off, ironic, as your refusal to do the former ensures no one will ever let you do the latter

If you're big into competition, it'll even store personal "records", from the most cash you've spent over a period of time, to the longest stretch of days you've gone without a break, though you're sure to break something if you keep drinking for a bajillion more days.